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Lombang beach, Sumenep, Madura

11 Apr 2017

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Lombang beach  located in the district of Batang - Batang Sumenep, Madura, about - about a 30 Km east of downtown Sumenep. Lombang beach is one of the only beach most frequented and including the most favorite beach for the people of Madura.

Lombang has white sand beaches that extend as far as 12 km wide along the coast. Lombang beach is surrounded by tall pine trees prawns with the averages 4 m. This tree is called spruce shrimp because shrimp resembles a bent position.

Lombang beach has not big waves so it is not dangerous for swimming and snorkeling. Interesting activities on this beach is sea bathing and playing fine sand and the sun, because the water is clear and fine sandy beaches. Tourists can also enjoy the enchanting blue sea destination with boat hire provided by the local fisherman, you will see the beautiful scenery when the middle of the ocean.