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09 Mar 2017

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As of City of 1001 cave, there are many other caves that you can visit. in Pacitan, including about 11 cave tourist attraction in Pacitan, including wasp Goa, Goa Putri, Pulador Goa, Goa club, Goa Luweng horses, Goa and Goa Luweng Ombo Somopuro.

Gua Gong is suitable for family tourism, Goa Luweng and Luweng Ombo is a cave that is designed for hobbyists and adventurers. To enter the cave that has deep vertical shafts over 25 meters this does require special equipment and expertise. Both caves are also fairly beautiful and unique searchable.

If you get bored with the attraction of the cave, visiting and playing in beach water screen can also be an option. The beach is located approximately seven kilometers in South Cave Gong. Ria Beach pit passes on the way to the Cave Gong could also be an alternative choice other attractions.